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White Mountains Solar is a dedicated solar power generation company. Arizona Sun’s Energy is effective in achieving energy independence by providing its clients with reliable and renewable sources of clean, sustainable energy through off-grid solutions and custom panel installations! We have the latest technologies that can help you achieve your goal for generating green electricity or heat from clear skies all year long!

Off-Grid Solar Solutions. You can buy our solar panels from our local store or schedule a professional installation today! We carry everything you need to go off-grid and have the power when it matters most, including lithium batteries that are perfect for storing your energy supply in case there’s an outage. And don’t forget about deep cycle battery options too – we’ll help find what will work best for you with all these different choices available Off-Grid Solar Solutions offers numerous services so whether you’re interested in buying individual solar panel systems or want us to install them on your property right away, contact WMS now!

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Your solar system is a long-term investment that will save you time and money. Solar power reduces your electricity bills, provides low maintenance costs and energy independence for the future!

White Mountains Solar understands that solar requires a larger initial investment but the long-term benefits are worth every penny. Please inquire about tax credits and government rebates when purchasing your solar power systems, because they can save you money in the future!

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Full Service Solar Provider For The Arizona White Mountains. Stop In To Talk Over Your Next Solar Purchases…

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On-Site Analysis will determine your energy needs. Energy bills can possibly estimate your solar panel system necessities. We offer DIY or Installation services.

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01. Solar Panels

The sun is a powerful source of energy and we have the perfect solution to harness it. Whether you need maintenance on an existing solar panel set-ups or installation for new panels, our company offers both with complete packages that suit your specific needs. We offer high quality products at affordable prices so call us today!

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Have an existing solar power system and need new batteries? Ask about upgrading or retrofitting your power storage, as well as getting the tax credit you deserve.

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24 Maintenance Free Solar Batteries.

The best way to simplify your life is by utilizing the power of solar energy. Maintenance Free Solar Batteries will provide you with plenty of power and never worry about running out, giving you a hassle-free lifestyle! Ask us how…

04. Solar Charge Controllers

White Mountains Solar is your one-stop-shop for all that you need to go solar! We can help with everything from a 10,000-watt kit package and off the grid installation. Give us a call today at 928-842-8478

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Paul Cormany
Paul Cormany
December 14, 2021.
Ben, Delaney and Ken are the best. Ben sized and designed a system for my needs. I'm in a remote location hours from Show Low and would be doing the installation on my own. I drove up to the store when my system was ready. Ken and Delaney loaded it up and gave me a quick run through on the installation. I needed some support to get through the final steps in my installation process and the whole team stepped up to get me through to an operational system. I can't say enough good things about doing business with White Mountains Solar. Great service on the front end, great products and prices, and great service after the sale. Buy with confidence.
Class A Cari
Class A Cari
October 25, 2021.
Knowledgeable folks! They take time to figure out the best deal for your needs.
POET114 Magdy haddad
POET114 Magdy haddad
August 19, 2021.
Family orientated and professional is the most powerful combination in today's world, and this place has it. As soon as you walk in, you get the feeling of understanding, that goes well after leaving the store. Overall a great place to purchase these products, as we will be back for more. Thank you
Lyman Murdock
Lyman Murdock
July 31, 2021.
We gave them a challenge and they excelled. We had them install a fairly large system 300 feet from our house and reroute our well power. In spite of some frozen ground they accomplished this in a timely and clean professional install. Then one of the 20 kw inverters failed and had us blacked out. The came out in the middle of the night and rewired to get us back on the grid so we would have power until they could replace the failed device. We are again enjoying our solar power. They are good people to work with.
Jim McGrew
Jim McGrew
June 9, 2021.
Very helpful with questions, even silly ones. Good prices and decent amount of stock.
White Mountains Solar
1801 E Duece of Clubs
Show Low, Arizona 85901
Solar Panels | Solar Kits | Solar Installs
White Mountains Solar Panels Solar Kits Solar Panel Installers 1

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