10000 Watt Solar System

August 21, 2020

White Mountains Solar off the grid living DIY solar panel kits and solar installs

Cost comparison to popular online solar panel kits.

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We Offer A Comparable Solar System For Less!
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White Mountains Solar
1801 E Duece Of Clubs
Show Low, AZ 85901

Our Objective is to show our clients how much more you can get from our “all inclusive”plug and play solar kits

Many people come in and tell us what a great deal they found online


Others come in and explain how they bought a great deal online but cannot figure out how to Install…

But is it really a great deal?
Here is our breakdown so there is no confusion.

Online Distributor Example: (many references this solar kit)

Unbound Solar: $21,169.06.00 w/ Shipping & Taxes (missing components)
9.75 kW 30-Panel Canadian Off-Grid Solar System
UNBOUND Off-Grid Magnum System for 30 Canadian Solar 60-Cell Modules

Found here.


Clients should understand this is only the base component.
Not Included with Unbound Solar Online Package

  1. No Solar Batteries
  2. No Cables for Batteries
  3. No Fuses
  4. No wiring for AC Power (breaker box or generator plug)


See How We Can Save You Time & Money!
w/ Better Solar System Components & Sold as a Complete System.

10,000 watt solar panel system White Mountains Solar 1801 E Duece of Clubs Show Low, AZ 85901 928-251-0114
  1. 2000 more watts of Inverted Power
  2. (5) more Solar Panels Included that’s 1,275 more watts of power
  3. (ALL) Cables, Wires Fuses included

All Together our Solar Panel System is $19,052 Total, Taxes & Shipping Included.
A $2,117 Savings. PLUS more power is generated…

Support Local Businesses and Save with White Mountains Solar

Our Complete DIY Solar Panel Solution,

We will build the system in the solar shop and mount it to plywood so that all you will have to do is pick up the plywood and mount it to the wall. Then you just mount your panels and plug them into the two controllers, add batteries and turn it on. You won’t have to program or do any set-up unlike buying online. we make it simple to install. If there is still confusion we can offer an Installed Price.

Our Solar Panel System
MEGA 10,000 Watt Generation

(2) 5,000 Watt Victron Quattro Inverter/chargers
(2) 250/100 Charge Controllers
(35) 315 Watt Panels give you 1,275 more watts than Unbound Solar
(35) Solar Panel Rail Mounts and L feet
(2) Midnight Solar Surge suppressor
(1) Set of Electrical Diagrams
40 Ft of 2/0 Battery cable
(8) 2/0 5/16th tinned/copper lugs
(7) 50ft #10 AWG PV wire with MC4 Connectors
All additional wire needed:
Charge Controllers,
(2) 120 amp breakers,
(7) 15 amp inline fuses (for panels)
(2) 250 amp fuses for batteries to Inverters
The grounding clips for the panels and
all the strain relief needed
as well as (4) of the MC4 tools

Unbound Does not include Solar Batteries.

With Taxes & Shipping
Unbound Prices (16) Crown Solar Batteries = Shipped Total $6866.73

WMS Total Cost Same Batteries = Total $6368.00

but Crowns are as Cheap as you can go
when it comes to Quality.


On the FullRiver (great batteries but expensive)  they will cost you $9,693.84 + freight of $697.85 + tax $817.19 which totals $11,208.88. They also come with all cables.

We will sell you the same batteries, cables, and tax included for $9,999.00. saving you over $1,200!!! 

On the Discover Lithiums they sell them for $27,305.00 + freight $438.56 + tax of $2,301.81.00 for a total of $30,045.37.

We can sell you the same Discover batteries with cables for $29,030.00

Saving you $1,015!!!

We can sell you 30+KWH of my Lithium. They are offering you only 27KWH. Our Lithiums have the exact same chemistry and same cells and would be 6 at 5.1KWH each with all cables and tax for $14,979.00

Saving you $15,066.00!!!!! Also, that is only $3,771 more than what you would have to pay them for the FullRivers.

It is also only $8,113 more than what you would pay them for the Crown batteries

Please Let Us Know If You Have Any Questions,

We Are Very Competitive To Any Online Solar Company Selling Solar Panel Kits.


Paul Cormany
Paul Cormany
December 14, 2021.
Ben, Delaney and Ken are the best. Ben sized and designed a system for my needs. I'm in a remote location hours from Show Low and would be doing the installation on my own. I drove up to the store when my system was ready. Ken and Delaney loaded it up and gave me a quick run through on the installation. I needed some support to get through the final steps in my installation process and the whole team stepped up to get me through to an operational system. I can't say enough good things about doing business with White Mountains Solar. Great service on the front end, great products and prices, and great service after the sale. Buy with confidence.
Class A Cari
Class A Cari
October 25, 2021.
Knowledgeable folks! They take time to figure out the best deal for your needs.
POET114 Magdy haddad
POET114 Magdy haddad
August 19, 2021.
Family orientated and professional is the most powerful combination in today's world, and this place has it. As soon as you walk in, you get the feeling of understanding, that goes well after leaving the store. Overall a great place to purchase these products, as we will be back for more. Thank you
Lyman Murdock
Lyman Murdock
July 31, 2021.
We gave them a challenge and they excelled. We had them install a fairly large system 300 feet from our house and reroute our well power. In spite of some frozen ground they accomplished this in a timely and clean professional install. Then one of the 20 kw inverters failed and had us blacked out. The came out in the middle of the night and rewired to get us back on the grid so we would have power until they could replace the failed device. We are again enjoying our solar power. They are good people to work with.
Jim McGrew
Jim McGrew
June 9, 2021.
Very helpful with questions, even silly ones. Good prices and decent amount of stock.
White Mountains Solar
1801 E Duece of Clubs
Show Low, Arizona 85901
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