6000 Watt Complete Solar Package

March 3, 2020

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this is a 10k watt solar kit. comes programmed and assembled



pre-programmed and assembled ready to plug n play.  all you need to do is connect batteries and solar panels. 

  • 2 24Volt Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger 3K Pure Sine, Gen Prep

  • 1 Victron 250/100 Charge Controller Smart w/Bluetooth

  • 8 6 Volt 445 AMP Hour S6-L16-HC ROLLS SURRETTE Deep Cycle 21.4 KWH of storage

  • 10 280 Watt Panels 2,800 watts (panels are brand new) 25-year performance warranty

  • 4 x 25ft 10 AWG Panel wire with MC4 Connectors, 2 x 50ft #10 awg THNN wire

  • 300 Amp DC fuse, 2×30 amp breaker & 100amp Panel, Romex wiring 2 AC Plug, 1 50 Amp RV Plug

  • 15ft 2/0 AWG copper battery cable with 5/16 eye copper cable lugs

  • 15ft 8/3 S.O. Cable with plug for 30amp L5-30P Male Plug for Generator charging

  • Program Inverter/Charger for Gen-set and battery specs. Wiring Diagrams!

  • 1 Midnight MPNV6 Combiner box 2 15 amp DC breakers

  • 5 YEAR Warranty on all Victron, 25 Year on Panels, 3 Years on Batteries​

DIY Solar or call for Solar Installation Estimates & Site Analysis

Options Available:
  • 10 Panel Ground Ballasted Ground Mount (Easy Assembly) +$1,057

  • Upgrade to 5 LiFePo4 Lithiums 3,000+ cycles 12KWH all useable +$3,792

  • Add 10 More panels + Charge Controller + wiring, combiner box +2,980

  • Add 8 Rolls/Surette S6-L16 445 amp-hour Batteries plus all wiring +3,027

  • Add Bluetooth VE. BUS smart dongle for Inverters +78

  • Add 100 ft PV wire (to have panels further away) +55

​>Compare to these packages by other Solar Companies<

White Mountain Solar



Neither Kit comes with Batteries or AC Plugs, Battery cables, RV Plug, AC Panel for home, and all the little extras you will need.


DIY solar kits


DIY solar kits



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