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The sun is shining, and you won’t find a better time to get some solar panels! We offer low prices on solar systems and installations in Arizona.

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6000w Solar Kits

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Plug n Play DIY Solar Kits

Affordable Solar Energy, Renewable Energy Products. The Future of Clean and Affordable Power is Here!

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DIY 3000w Best Seller Solar Kit

We Make Solar Easy To Install Yourself

Arizona Solar Panel Sales Solar Kits and Installs wmsolaraz 928-251-0114

Inflation: Are you tired of rising Energy Costs?

Save 30% or more on Tax Credits

Plug n Play Solar Kits

1500w to Mega Packages

DIY OFF-Grid Solar Solutions

Complete Solar Kits with Batteries

Does your solar system need new batteries?

In Shop Pick-up Available

Federal Tax Credits & Incentives

Best Value Solar Panels
Deep Cycle Batteries

Victron Charge Controllers

Plug n Play DIY Solar Kits

Shipped and Assembled Just Plug n Play complete with wires and batteries

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Solar Packages For Sale

Complete DIY Off-Grid Kits

1500W Portable

Supplying the best value solar packages to our customers

Best Seller 3000W

Competitive Advantage Pricing on all Products and Services

Upgrade to 6000W

1500 Sq House Medium Sized Loads. Our Solar Kits are “Sold Complete”

Mega 10,000W

Sold with Batteries. Assembled and Programmed.

Delivered From Show Low, AZ

Shipping to Most Arizona Cities

Or in shop pick-up

Mon-Sat 8:30am – 5:30pm

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