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December 2, 2019

starter solar kits to mega watts 10000w or more solar power

6000w Solar System White Mountains, AZ Off Grid Solar Store

#offgridsolar You may have seen our ad for a 3000 Watt solar package complete with panels, batteries, inverter/charger, AC Panel, and 30 Amp RV plug. You can make an RV off the grid just like being plugged into an RV park. Only now it is off-grid solar panels. We sell complete portable solar packages including all the needed wiring, programming, and battery storage. 

Featured is the Victron 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter charger. It will push 3000 watts all day and surge to 6000 watts. It will also charge your batteries on days the sun isn’t shining by easily connecting a small to a large generator.

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​Then on the right in blu is the 150/60 Victron charge controller. This controller can easily handle over 1500 watts of solar, requires no fan, and has Bluetooth built-in so you can always see what is happening with an app on your phone. We can build one of these in our office that you just pick up or we can build and install it at your place. Just call us for details.

This system is great for small homes, 50-amp RVs, and small cabins. It gives you the comfort of air conditioning and a heat pump but is still able to keep you from running your batteries dry. You can also run small well pumps with this system. >>>>>>>>>

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