Highly Efficient Heating and Cooling Perfect for Off-Grid Solar Systems.

Can you have air conditioning and electric heat when living off the grid? In the past, you could do it but most people couldn’t afford it. Air conditioners and electric heaters draw tons of power. But, now with these new Mr. Cool mini-split, you now can. This unit is a 25 SEER which is super efficient and will draw as little as 288 watts to a max of 1,480 watts an hour. Because it has a DC motor it will slow down and keep the room at the optimum temperature while using very little of your precise electricity.

For example, a small window unit will use 1,500 watts or more while it is running. This unit is also a heat pump and right now is the only thing heating the White Mountains Solar headquarters. We also have a new unit that is 9000 BTU but almost 40 SEER and will use half the energy of this unit. That means even the smallest systems could run it and you can live in comfort. Call us today to find out how you can be comfortable in the summer and winter and not have to get a bigger solar system.

mr-cool diy dual split units

Mr. Cool Mini-Split

Finally Heating and Cooling Your Solar System Can Handle

-Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump A/C

-Great for non-solar Heating and Cooling lowering energy costs

-Drop in and see them in action…

  • Solar Capable Features:
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Smart Phone App
  • Easy Quick Connect
  • Leakage Detection
  • Low Ambient Cooling
  • DC Inverter
  • Gold Fin Condenser
  • Follow Me Function
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DIY or Ask for Installed Price.

Do It Yourself Series by Mr. Cool

Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump A/C

>E STAR® DIY® 3rd Generation

>DIY® Multi-Zone Do-It-Yourself Heating & Cooling

>Affordable Efficiency. MR COOL®Advantage 3rd Generation

>Olympus E Star®Single Zone | Energy Star® Certified

>Olympus Hyper Heat Single Zone | Energy Star® Certified

>Olympus Multi-Zone 2nd Generation

Perfect heating and cooling solutions. On the Grid or OFF. Save on energy costs. Mr.Cool offers affordable energy-efficient Heating and A/C

*$1,298.00 is starting price. Install price is $550 and up. 

Please call for current prices 928-251-0114

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mr. cool off grid solar system solutions. call for more details on running heat and ac off grid 928 251 0114 1 e1607106724755
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“Great for regular homes to save energy but now off-grid capable. You can have Heating and A/C without having to spend thousands on a large solar panel system”


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