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Full-Service Solar Company, WMS: Providing Off-Grid Solar Solutions to Customers Since 2016. White Mountains Solar adds Competitive Advantages with Quality of Service and Value in every Solar Installation.

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Solar Services. There is no better time to go solar than now! With the recent increase in energy rates, it's more important than ever to explore your options for reducing your energy bill. One of the most popular ways of doing this is by choosing one of our solar kits. The team here at White Mountains Solar has seen a significant rise in demand for our services from homeowners who want to reduce their monthly utility bills and take control of their future. Our free site analysis offers you an opportunity to see how much money you could potentially save on your electricity bill over time with a new solar installation from us.

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solar kits solar installs solar batteries

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Our Solar Panel Installers Will Design the Best Solar Panel System Unique to You!


​If you’re interested in saving bundles of money on your energy bills every month, the solar energy specialists at White Mountains Solar are here to help. We specialize in performing solar panel installations in Show Low, AZ, and the surrounding areas that will benefit your home for years to come. You can have a system installed without putting any money down and enjoy the many benefits of solar power

Solar panels do more than just bring your energy costs down. You can also get access to the so-called “solar rebates” that are offered by the EPA, IRS, and DOE. You may qualify for solar tax credits when you put a solar power system on top of your home or on another part of your property. But these incentives aren’t going to be around forever, so it’s a good idea to take action now if you’ve been thinking about using solar power.

White Mountains Solar is a locally owned and operated company that can custom design the right solar panel system for your family's needs. Our experts will also inspect your solar panel system and diagnose any repairs and or maintenance necessary. You don’t have to worry about taking care of your solar system by yourself, you can count on WMS to help...

Call White Mountains Solar today, speak with one of our solar energy specialists. Count on us with your next Solar Purchase. We will be able to answer any questions you might have about your specific solar panel installation. Reach out to us at 928-251-0114 today to get started.

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​Do it yourself (DIY) Complete Solar Packages available for sale. Reach total energy independence and detach from the grid with a Residential Off-Grid Solar Panel System. Off-Grid living in the White Mountains is easier than you think. Solar Kits readily available or build-your-own Solar Panel System. Call today and speak with one of our solar energy techs. We would love to hear from you about any questions you have about Solar Systems.


Solar Panel Systems

With Solar Energy, you can lock in your price for energy for the next 30+ years. Plus, you will be going GREEN and helping the ecosystem. A win-win situation. Enjoy many years of energy independence with custom your new residential solar systems. We are Solar Installers. Our service locations are near Show Low, Arizona & White Mountains Regions. Arizona's Sun is perfect for off the grid. Call for more info: We have Solar Installer Services and Solar Packages to fit every homeowner. ​

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Our Off-Grid Solar Packages are created and designed for small to large size homes. Different from Grid-Tied Solar Systems, off-grid power systems have to connect to the local utility grid.

Recently with California's electrical grid failures, customers are becoming more knowledgeable and aware that grid-tied solar systems do not work when the grid goes down! Off-Grid Solar Systems operate with stored energy.

We offer a wide selection of solar batteries, solar charge controllers, & Solar Panels that will be able to store energy efficiently. Do not be caught without Solar Energy power when the electrical grid goes down.

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At White Mountains Solar, we make it easy for you to get off the grid. Custom solar panel kits and packages for all your off-grid system needs. You can purchase the solar packages and install the systems yourself, or you can take advantage of our Professional Solar Panel System Installation Packages

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Our Professional Solar Installers can provide Free Estimates.Solar Energy evaluations include the following:We, Will, Examine Your Energy Bills, use Site Analysis & Calculate Square Footage to recommend an Optimal Solar Panel System suitable for the Best Return on Investment​

Complete Solar Packages

off the grid living show low arizona 928-251-0114

How much does Solar Panels Systems Cost or the real cost of solar? Well, every Solar System and every home are not the same. We can give rough estimates on your family's energy needs but, too many variables need inputs in order to figure the true costs.

The only way to get an exact cost is to have us come out and build a quote.

Solar Energy is a valuable way in today's rising electric rates to lower energy dependence. Start today with on-site analysis.

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Full-Service Solar Company, WMS: Providing Solar Living Options to Customers Since 2016. The Opportunity cost of not using a solar system are many. White Mountains Solar offers a Competitive Advantage with Quality of Service and Value in every Solar System Installed.


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