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Are you getting the most out of today’s solar tax credits?

Solar Tax Credits

Allows Solar Installations to be Deducted Up To 30% of the cost towards Federal Income Taxes

Solar Panel Store Near Show Low, AZ

With solar energy proving to be a game-changer in the way we consume energy, more people are considering it. However, still, with the upfront cost of the panels and installation, some people can’t see the value in them. This is likely why governments have initiated tax incentives, as a way to encourage consumers to have them installed. Arizona has some great incentives programs for those who are considering having solar panels installed. At White Mountains Solar, we will take the time to help you fully understand how you benefit from these programs.

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Investment Tax Credit

You may already be familiar with the investment tax credit, as it is one of the most dependable and compelling incentives offered to consumers who have solar panels installed throughout the U.S. This incentive gives customers the ability to deduct at least 22% of the total cost of the system from their federal taxes. For example, if someone spent 18,000 out of pocket, they would qualify for at least $3,960 in tax deductions. Commercial businesses can also benefit from these incentives. Commercial owners can deduct 10% of their commercial solar panel costs from taxes starting in 2022 and onward. There are additional incentives other than the federal ITC program, available throughout Arizona. This depends on the area where they are installed and the utility company that services the area. Some of these programs are the Solar Equipment Sales Tax Exemption, Residential Arizona Solar Tax Credit, and Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption.

Solar Incentive FAQ’s

Solar Panel Store Near Show Low, AZ

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Most Popular Arizona Solar Incentives

  1. Pay Less per month for Electricity
  2. Than You do Now!!! 
  3. $0 Down, No Upfront
  4. Cost​Protect against Electricity Bill Increases
  5. Solar Credits and Rebates Avail. 
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Anyone who is looking into solar incentives will find that the Residential Arizona Solar Tax Credit is among the most popular. It offers 25 reimbursements of the solar panel costs. This can be deducted from your personal taxes in the year they were installed. Note that the incentive only offers up to a $1,000 deduction. Another popular solar panel incentive is the Solar Equipment Sales Tax Exemption incentive. This allows consumers to purchase a solar system without paying sales taxes. This can add up to huge savings! The Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption prevents you from having to pay additional property taxes by investing in solar panels. If you want to save on energy expenses, you can. With the variety of incentives offered today, you are sure to find answers to most questions by consulting with our experts. Our sales associates are very knowledgeable and are available to address any questions and concerns that you may have.

Call 928-251-0114 for a free quote and full explanation of all the incentives you could qualify for by going Solar with White Mountains Solar.  

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Reputable Solar Service

The only way to truly benefit from your solar panels is to make sure you purchase them and have them installed by a reputable solar company. White Mountains Solar is a reputable and reliable solar panel company. We will walk you through the entire purchasing process and installation process. Some companies will try to sell you things simply for the sake of selling you something. This is not what we do, as this wouldn’t benefit you or us. We will make sure that you receive what will offer you maximum benefits.

For full details just call us and we can explain exactly how these Rebates & Incentives will work for you.

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White Mountains Solar
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Ryan Short
Ryan Short
20:50 15 Jan 21
Good service, ben is very knowledgeable, installers... are great to talk with and will educate you on any questionsread more
Star Shamans
Star Shamans
14:17 15 Oct 20
Extremely awesome products, planning, and service. Ben... set us up with a 3000 watt off grid solar system that is working perfectly for our remote lifestyle. And when I had a technical issue getting started, Ben was very professional and helpful to talk me through fixing it, even though it was in the evening hours! White Mountains Solar is such an outstanding solar provider here, and you will be tapping into great expertise and support when you choose to go solar with Ben's help!-Todd Pitts (St. Johns, AZ area)read more
James Terrell
James Terrell
23:12 16 Jun 20
WMS did a great job setting up our solar panels with... the right equipment at a great price. Their installers were great and during the installation made it simple for us to understand what they needed and how it worked. I would recommend if you are looking for a great company with the buyer put first White Mountain Solar is the company to go to.read more
Mark Landreth
Mark Landreth
14:09 24 Mar 20
Built a solar setup for my skooly. Have been using... solar for years, thought I knew it all. Learned so much from White Mountains Solar. I am very pleased with the new system I have now. Folks were very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Top of the line products and very reasonable prices. Customer service is amazing, don't get that very often these days. Explained thoroughly all my questions and concerns. I am confident I received a great and efficient system. I recommend this business very highly.read more
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson
03:26 21 Aug 19
They came, They installedNow I have all the power I... needI could not be happierread more
Diann Sue
Diann Sue
18:49 17 Feb 19
I feel more confident after they educated me more on... solar and what to expect.read more
Kathy Burnett
Kathy Burnett
00:06 13 May 18
Quality and quick service. Total integrity and very... courteous. Can’t go wrong with this company.read more
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