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3000 Watt Solar System

This is designed to run an RV on 30 amp service or a small cabin. But it is an easily expandable solar panel kit

We have clients that get the same system but add another 3-6 panels and a 2nd set of batteries and have enough power to run a small house.

The inverter can also be added onto so that a person can have 15,000 watts of pure sine wave power and up to 30,000 surges. That enough power to run almost everything you could ever want to do.

DIY Off Grid Solar Kits

Customizable to your everyday energy needs.

Customize The Details

Solar kits can be a do-it-yourself project and we will help you put it together before you get home.

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3k Complete Off The Grid Solar Panel Kits
compare Complete Off The Grid Solar Panel Kits

6000 Watt Solar System

2x 3000 Watt Inverter/Chargers Expandable Solar Panel System. Complete Solar Energy Kit that will drastically lower your monthly energy bills.

With 2850 Watts of Solar Panels & 3560 Amps of Battery Storage Your Family will be well on their way to Energy Independence.

*Prices and Components are subject to Availability. Click below for an example.

DIY Solar Kits

Perfect for families and off the grid living. Always expandable to fit all your future energy needs.

Customize The Details

Every home is different on what system they may choose please consult our technicians for all your specific energy needs.

Solar Panels Solar Kits Solar Installers
Energy Independence

10,000 Watt Solar System

This 10,000 Watt Solar Panel System is meant to be for off the grid living at its finest. Clients can and should be able to run most of everything they need on a day to day basis without worry or concern of running out of battery Storage.

This Mega System is what energy independence is all about. Please Inquire about your families specific energy needs. With 16 batteries with 41+ KWH and 2x 2.48 volt 5,000 watt inverters you are sure to be energy abundant.

Solar Installers Available

Inquire about our Professional Solar Panel Installations. but if you are so inclined we can sell you the complete package separately…

Customize The Details

As always everyone has a different home and area description. Call with any details concerning your new Mega Solar Power System.

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10k Complete Off The Grid Solar Panel Kits
10k Complete Off The Grid Solar Panel Kits

Solar Kit Packages

Call For More Details: Prices & Components Subject To Change

The 3,000 watt Victron system from White Mountains Solar, designed for couples, RVs, small homes. People who need power but only to run lights, tv, refrigerator, furnace blowers, and even small air conditioners. This kit comes with everything you need to get started. Also, this is a complete solar package. Complete with AC side with panels, breakers, and plugs. It can even come with a 30 amp RV plug so, if you have an RV, it is there if you need it. This solar kit is perfect for RV and small households.

The Solar System breaks down into several components and comes with Limited Warranties. You have the Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger. The Victron 150/60 “smart” charge controller. Two 12 volt 224 amp hour GEL Batteries and 6 280+ watt panels for a total of 1,680 watts of solar power. The Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger can run at 3,000 watts AC power continuously and surge to over 6,000 watts when needed.

This system comes with a 5-year warranty and the company is headquartered in The Netherlands. Not made in China, where a lot of the cheaper solar products come from.

This Inverter/Charger is very reliable and easily upgradeable so, it can be compatible with all batteries in the future. It is also a charger which means it can be connected to an AC source like a small generator.

Solar Panels Solar Kits Solar Installers

Once you are connected to a generator you can be sure you will always have power even on super cloudy days. If there isn’t enough sun to charge the batteries all you have to do is turn on the generator or use the auto generator start feature and the inverter will immediately switch to charging the batteries. You then only have to run the generator for a few hours until you get the batteries fully recharged and can run for many more hours without the sun or the generator running. This makes the generator a backup to the power and not the main source so it can last a long time not having to be used.

The Victron 150/60 charge controller is used to harness all the power from the solar panels and make sure the power is correctly given to your batteries to keep them charged or run your loads during the day. It is also a smart controller meaning it runs on Bluetooth on a smartphone as air pods or headsets do. This way you don’t have to be in the same room as the charge controller to see your solar status or battery status. You just open the Victron Connect App and click on your charge controller and the information will be there immediately. This charge controller is also an MPPT charge controller meaning it is the newest technology and 30% more efficient than the more common PWM charge controller.

Solar Kits For Sale Solar Panels Solar Kits Solar Installers
Solar Panels Solar Kits Solar Installers
Solar Panels Solar Kits Solar Installers

The two 12 volts 224 amp-hour GEL batteries give you up to 5,376-watt-hours of total storage. This means if you had a TV on with a DVD player at night and a LED light you would be using around 300 watts an hour. That means you could run off the battery for up to 17 hours before it would be fully dead. You can also add more batteries to double your storage capacity. This can be a great thing to do so on those few cloudy days a year we have you may not have to run your generator at all.

The 280+ watt solar panels are brand new and the latest technology. They come with a 15-year warranty on workmanship and a 25-year performance warranty. That means these panels will last 40 years or more and give you a ton of power in that time. Plus, you can always add more panels to this system to have extra power when needed.

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This system also comes with all the solar wiring needed, battery wire needed, solar breakers needed, battery breakers, a full AC panel with breakers, and even the AC wire needed. Plus, we build a program and operate the system for you here at the office. This way all you have to do is take home and put a few wires back together and you will have quiet, free solar energy to run your small house, RV, or cabin.

We can also give you a quote for solar installing services or help with your current solar system. The great thing about this Victron solar system is that you can always add more inverters, charge controllers, batteries, or panels. You will not be stuck with a solar system that you cannot upgrade as your energy needs change.

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